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MTS-organizing tanks


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This hobby and its addictive nature!

So, I had all my plans for guppy breeding. Where everyone would go and everything. Then I fell more in love with breeding my panda cories. Now that messes with my tank availability. I need ideas and input on tank organization. I'm open to the idea of getting another tank if I could find a place to put it. I might be able to substitute a 10 gallon where a 5 gallon is currently sitting if an upgrade is needed. I do have a divider available for 10 gallon tanks. 


Current available tanks: 29, 10, 10, 5, 5. 

29-gallon main tank currently housing 3 guppies (2 female 1 male), 7 panda cory adults (2 longfin), 2 panda cory juveniles, 1 honey gourami, 3 mystery snails, 7 nerite snails (snail population will change),

1 10-gallon currently housing 10 guppy fry (5 from each female seperated), roughly 8 panda cory fry, 3 baby Japanese trapdoor snails,

10-gallon currently housing 6 glo tetras and 1 mystery snail, can considering rehoming if additional space is needed.

2 empty 5-gallon tanks. 



1.  Moderate level panda cory breeding. Kept to 10 gallon limit for fry. Selling almost all fry. 

2.  Limit guppy breeding as much as possible. Would like to control genetic diversity as much as possible but not at sacrifice of limiting fry. End goal to house a group of 6-10 males in main tank. Selling/giving away most fry. Limited line breeding if possible. 


Ideas for Tank Organization:

1.  Colony breed guppies in main tank. Cory breeding egg till roughly 2 weeks old in breeder box, 2 months in 5 gallon, then till 4-6 months old in 10 gallon. - This allows for hands off breeding of guppies and more space for the fish I am enjoying the most.  My concern here is multiple pregnant guppy females. Ideally I would like to limit my pregnant females to 1-2 which is not possible in colony breeding. There is some natural culling that would take place with fry living in the main tank with not only the adults but the gourami. Can also toss some fry into glo tetra tank if population control is needed. 

2.  1 female guppy + her offspring in each 5 gallon. Breeder box + 10 gallon for cories. Rehome glotetras if population gets higher. -  would 5 gallons be enough for female + fry?  What then do I do with the males when they get of breeding age?  Maybe in the main tank?  The benefits here is keeping the different genes seperate so if I choose later to breed some of the fry, I can better avoid pairing siblings. Since I'm not heavily line breeding, idk how big of an issue that would be anyway. Another issue i see here is the female getting lonely when they fry are young and she's the only adult. 

3.  2 females + fry in 10 gallon. Males of age go into main tank. Cories split age between 2 5-gallons + Breeder box is available. -  Again I wonder with this if this is enough space for 2 females + their off spring. Another downside to keeping the females out of the main tank is natural population control. Having the fry born in the same tank as the adults and gourami helps thin the herd of the weaker fry. 


I like ideas 1 and 3 best. If population can be managed, 1 sounds ideal to me. I just don't know of colony breeding can get out of hand with multiple pregnant females. Any input on that specifically would be very helpful. Ty for listening to my long list lol. Those of you who have seen my posts know I tend to over think things. Sometimes that's a good thing for planning ahead! 

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