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Advice for split photo period?

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Currently lighting all my tanks for 12 hrs/day. Getting a little algae, so gonna cut back a little. I'm thinking of going from 6-9am and 1-8 pm. That's when I'd be able to enjoy the tanks the most. But I want to to have the lights on consistently on the weekends. Is that okay? So a siesta during the week and constant light on the weekends?

But I'll take all the advice I can get from you guys. Seems the internet is all over the place on the subject. Scientific or anecdotal is fine.

And my main goal is to enjoy the tanks. I like the plants, but I don't want to be a slave to them. They're here for me, I'm not here for them. See what I mean.

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I went with just the one schedule. So it's 6:30-9:30 and then 1-8 every day. Mostly because the Feit app seems to have trouble keeping the different times straight. (could be user error) Works fine on the weekends to have them dark for a few hours.

But it's really helped the algae. I've got some pretty good cleanup crew, but aside from some green-tinting-floating algae, the tanks are lookin' real clean.

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