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Why do I have Nitrites?


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 I have a hex tank think it’s in the 20 -30 gallon size newly dirted with pea gravel cap about a month ago . With the seeded sponge filter and there were no nitrites or ammonia after 24 hours and like 10 nitrates so I added my shrimp ( about 30 cherry shrimp) also have ramshorn snails and an Endler trio I got for a swap meet a couple weeks ago. As far as plants I have red root floaters , crypt tropica , dwarf sag, tiger lotus bulb I just planted, and a few stems of ludwigia Repens . Now the last 2 weeks I have been having nitrites according to the Co Op tests strips at 1. Nitrates at around 10 and 0 ammonia. Anyone have any idea why the nitrites have popped up? Could it be the soil? 

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On 3/18/2022 at 11:57 AM, Grizzly said:


I was thinking the same thing then just tested with the API kit and it said .5 nitrites 

I debated doing a water change but I thought with that small an amount and no ammonia I will ride it out till hopefully it rights itself or I figure out a cause or it gets worse 

When it happened to me I did the same thing plus the Seachem prime like @Apulo mentioned. 

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