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Rotting Anubias Barteri Rhizome

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Hey Guys, 

I'm fairly new to fish keeping and doing it with live plants. Last week I got in some Anubias Barteri that I super glued to a rock and in about 7-9 days the rhizome has disolved/rotted. I'm really not sure what I did wrong.

Nitrates haven't always been high but I wasn't sure if that would dissolve the rhizome first or if leaves would die if it didn't have enough nitrates. I'm using easy green to fertilize it as directed 29 gallon tank with. I got Moneywort, Javafern, and Dwarf Hairgrass the other plants seems to be doing great aside from some melting from the Dwarf Hairgrass

Any help would be appreciated



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Here is an article we have on it. 



Anubias rot is an uncommon disease that can affect anubias plants in the aquarium hobby. Unfortunately, there is very little information about how it starts and how to stop its spread. In this article, let's talk about the common...


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5 minutes ago, Joshyray said:

Wow I didn't expect to get a reply from Cory himself that's awesome! 

I want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong myself. Is it possible that by using superglue and not superglue gel I could have caused this?

Possibly, but unlikely, normal super glue is really runny and can cover the rhizome if sloppy. The gel, is easier to control where it goes.

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