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I just got a guppy trio and put them into the tank to quarantine and one of the female is doing shimmies ... male is fine looking normal and other female is bit skitish (stressed out?).

When googled, I came across coop article  


and it says to raise temp, aquarium salt and water change?? If I understand it correctly?

The guppy that was in there before them did not do any shimmies but this new one does... Does that mean, I need to raise temp more? It is set to 77F all time.

Aquarium salt would help them?

Tank parameter is as shown: Ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 20 Temp 77F PH 8


They just came in today but should I wait till tomorrow and see how she does and then need to add aquarium salt or I should add salt now to act quickly asap?


Thank you.



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gh 5 kh 7 I have no issue with other tank.and just this tank with new ones to quarantine. The guppy that was occupying this quarantine tank had no issue of shimmy and this trio's one female only shimmy,not other female and male.Just one guppy....

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Normally, guppy from specific breeder does pretty good and other guppy I received yesterday with them doing fine and no issue (if anything feeding time makes some of them tiny bit skitish but come out and eat food fine when I hide and watch) but this only one female grass guppy has to be under my watchful eyes more than other guppy I got..

Tank itself is running more than 2 years and even though bare bottom, I had no issue before...even the ones I was keeping in the exact tank until yesterday to unoccupy for the blue grass guppy to move in..So strange..

Tank is 10 gallon so I added 2 tbs Aquarium salt last night to blue grass guppy,and raised tank temp 1F to make it to 78F. This morning, she still has clumped top fin sometimes and shimmy some but feel like not as much bad as yesterday. Sometimes she swims top fin all out like normal and swim normal and then occasionally,shimmy and clumped fin (clumped top fin is usually other female guppy tried to attack her).

Funny thing is, this girl was the most piggy eater this morning when I fed the tank.She ate well.I think she has appetite very well.

Maybe she is personally just sensitive to change compared to others and over time, she would be in the tank confident with all fin out and swim without shimmy? I plan to add Aquarium salt for next 2-3 months when water change time and then later, gradually no adding salt to the tank and get them use to our water without salt so Aquarium salt be still useful tool when I really needed one to treat anything if needed to.

I know some people keep Aquarium salted tank all the time but I feel like if salt was used all the time, when I really needed to use it, it might not be as effective as it could have been.

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