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Sick Cory in a quarantine tank, what's best to treat?


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Hi All,


So I have a sick Bronze Cory (fungal? see pic) in a quarantine tank (5 Gallon bare bottom with sponge filter) that I use for new fish purchases. There are 4 Amano shrimp in there with another Bronze Cory in good health and a couple Assassin snails and a bunch of pest bladder snails.

All water parameters are good as this tank has been set up for 8 months now. Question I have is, what medicine is best to treat and if I do treat what do I do with the shrimp and assassin snails as I don't want to kill them. I don't care to much for the bladder snails as they were a pest hitchhiker from some plants I bought.

I have Paraguard, Kanaplex, and Fritz Maracyn Oxy on hand as far as medicine go so wondering what the best route is. Thank you

sick cory.jpg

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I would remove the shrimp and snails and treat with paraguard as it's not safe for invertebrates if your noticing no improvement after the Frist full course of paraguard or he gets worse then I would treat with maracyn and ick x 

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