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plant ID? rotalla sp.


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I'm pretty sure this is a rotalla.  at first i thought it was rotundifolia, but the leaves seem more fine than photos i've seen, they're more like fine pine needles in size.  PXL_20220310_043755647.jpg.29812d8cc2dbc4b87f05daf20e34821e.jpg

EDIT: Side note this photo is the bottom of the trimmings.  I bought the bunch planted just the healthy tops and they all died.  the ugly bottoms i threw in a shoebox full of water and easy green and they grew like this under my desk lamp that I turn on and off whenever i feel like.

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it was just sold as "bunch plant 3.99$" 😉 in the lower light plants tank at my LFS

looking at google photos wallichii looks closer.  but its hard to say especially when judging by color where growth conditions matter.


I'm not running CO2 in my shrimp tank or my random tub of plants and the internet says they both need CO2 and high light.  but its doing really well in my random tub so maybe there's hope!


In anycase, thanks for the input guys! 





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