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Well, I have had some baby shrimp roaming around the tank for the last several weeks and today I noticed a couple of tiny babies, no idea where they came from, my neanderthal brain said, I wonder if the female shrimp is able to release babies at different times, doesn't seem possible to me, ok you can laugh now. some pics, camera does not like to focus very well. I have no idea what kind of shrimp the bluish ones are. (At one time I had a blue dream m/f, but the female died.) I would appreciate any input, thanks.013.JPG.de5d766c4f908bd70ab917c4e77e679c.JPG011.JPG.7b4e7b21943d35edd39823119aaa22eb.JPG008.JPG.9446b6a8fe21c78e4cb7fad2f565a00e.JPG007.JPG.7494ffdcdfe75746facf3caf1fc3bdc6.JPG002.JPG.dc93bbe61e2f0c088b0df95b14d5e578.JPG

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