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Weird grey/white fuzzy spasming thing on my cycling aquarium

Karen B.

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I am cycling my 10 gallons. I moved a sponge filter from another tank to this one.

The root/branch was boiled. I placed it in the aquarium and it had the fuzzy white stuff all over it (normal thing to happen after a weekish) but it disappeared yesterday when I moved it around.

The sand was washed but floats a bit and has air bubbles.

The dragon stone were washed and boiled.

I quarantined my plants for 2 weeks.

There is currently a bazillion of baby snails around (that’s fine, it’s a future pea puffers tank) but these weird grey/white fuzzy things appeared also. They sometimes spasm or contract. Anyone has any idea what they might be? I have never seen these in any of my other aquariums. 

Thank you!







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