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Ghost Shrimp not Looking Too Good


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Got some ghost shrimp about a week ago to see how they would do. I am doing this to see how shrimp would react to my tank because my plan is to get some neos once I am confident in shrimp-keeping. However, I just noticed today that the shrimp are having trouble getting around. Their legs seem to be flimsy and can barely support their weight. They are still trying to be active, but their legs are almost useless and they sometimes fall on their sides. My best guess is a calcium deficiency, but the snails are doing fine.

Nitrates are at 20, ammonia and nitrite is 0.


Kind of hard to see in the picture, but the shrimp basically have to lay on their belly to remain upright.

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Ghost Shrimp are very different than neocaridina. They're known to easily drop from stress/moving them. And they don't live long in general. They're used as feeders moreso than kept as pets for these reasons. I don't believe this experience will necessarily reflect how neos do in your aquarium. 

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Not brackish water, confused with amano
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