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Is this normal for a pleco?

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I have a 30 gal community with this albino bushynose and he really likes this one spot under some rooty looking wood. He's always pushing the sand away to make his hiding spot. (See pics)

Is this normal? I haven't seen it before, but I'm still kind of a novice..

In one pic you can see him just resting in his hiding spot. In the next one you can see the blur of him blowing the sand around.



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Males always want a cave and frequently hide. Castle is probably not the best cave because of the size and rough edges - you might want to provide another cave - a cave can be as simple as a piece of drift wood with a slight slant up or a rock that is resting against a piece of drift wood. The male likes to lure the female inside - then make babies and kick her out.

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Lacking a proper cave, plecos will seek out a place where they think that they are hidden.  Sometimes this is nothing more than a deep shadow.  Mine have locked upside down onto the underside of a slate ledge with only their heads in shadow.  Other times they have thrown caution to the waves, and slept with locked fins leaning against the wall. 

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Yes, absolutely normal. I have a tank with 3 plecos, and most bottom fish will find a cave (wood included) that becomes their zone. This is why longer/wider tanks are preferred for use of you have a lot of bottom dwelling fish to give them more room to roam around.

Mid and upper level fish want line of sight breaks.

I would recommend getting a pleco cave for the little guy and setting it under that piece of wood. If you don't want to have a cave in the tank, I entirely understand.

Most of the plecos are nocturnal and will end up hiding all day like that, come out once the lights dim or it's dark.  Very healthy, beautiful looking fish. Nice tank as well.

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