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Can Hillstream Loaches change their color?


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This Hillstream I have is always a different color, like every day somewhere between dark-ish gray and light gray, sometimes almost orange-y. I came home from work and she was PALE though, and on her favorite shell munching away. She isn't acting funny. She seems to be more orange on the gravel, plants, and pots, and darker when around the sponge filters or on the tank wall.

The other one I have is almost always dark grey to black, and almost always on the back wall, which is black, or a sponge or heavily planted area. It's currently on the heater suction cup and phone is just not having it trying to capture a good shot of it.
I had a 3rd that died a few months ago, and have had a few failed attempts to get another from a chain store so I gave up a bit because they haven't fought since some of the plants grew in (No LFS near me)

Am I going crazy or is it a thing that they can camouflage slightly? I can't seem to find anything on it one way or the other. Shell photo from today, Leaf photo from about a month ago, with a dark period between the two I have no photos of


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