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Does your cat envoy watching your aquariums

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Yeah. I have a cat that sits on a nearby table with the same look of "I want to hunt that" as yours has, but we have trained her not to try and climb the tank when she used to try. It's pretty cute and I know she can't actually hunt it so I don't mind

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I have 1 cat who couldn't possibly care less about the tanks, as far as he's concerned they don't exist- if they do they just take up his space. My other cat only occassionally checks things out but quickly gets bored- as he is more interested in feathered animals- all of those must die. Don't worry, they are both indoor cats. However, my house is very much flying bug free. 

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On 3/14/2022 at 5:31 PM, Flumpweesel said:

In summer I leave the back door open and often find random cats from the neighborhood watching the tank.

I am not a cat owner.

It does make them easy to find and shoo though

I suppose that's better than the time I woke up to a possum in my bathroom. (US based, so technically an opossum, not an Australian possum.)

My profile photo is my cat who's the most fish obsessed of the 3. She was checking out my tank when I took it. The oldest (14) would occasionally sit and watch them when they were on the kitchen counter in our previous home, now that they're on a stand with no way to get level with them he doesn't care at all. The other young one has decided they're not worth his time.


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