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Dry Start Using Fissidens Crispulus And Info Regarding Fissidens CRISPULUS

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i want to do a dry start using fissidens crispulus 

will it work

what should I Do That Will Help The Moss Grow Faster In A Dry Start

Has anyone used the crispulus Fissidens

i have Used The Fontanus Which Works Fine IN Dry Start But What ABout Crispulus [Very Lil Info On this One]

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I used a local ground moss. Is wa not a totally dry start. What I did is add the moss and a ew plants I wanted. I only added a little water. I had abou 2 inches of substrate and I had maybe .5 water so I still had 1.5” of substrate above it. Then I covered the top tight with plastic wrap. I ran the light 8-10 hours what happened was the heat from the light caused evaporation and water collected on the plastic route info back into the tank. I know it’s not a total dry start at work really well for the moss

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