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If you have never dosed any fertilizer I would say it can't hurt to fertilize right away with easy green. If you already have plants in your tank and it has nutrients in it prior to putting the new plants in it is most likely safe to wait and fertilize with easy green when you normally would be adding it in for your other plants. that way you don't end up with too much and have too many extra nutrients. It for sure does not hurt to add root tabs near new plants that require them right when you add them to the tank though. 

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Yes you should dose both right away to make sure they have the nutrients they need to grow. Then it is good to keep to a schedule with fertilizers usually. I tend to dose easy green once a week and root tabs say they last a few months so replace those when needed. Over time you will get to know your plants and be able to see when they need ferts or when they are looking good! 🙂

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