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Will this light and these plants work?

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I have a 46G tank I'm going to upgrade with live plants(See this post) It's 36"W x 20"T x 15"D Bowfront

I'm not planning anything fancy, and I'm new to aquarium plants so I don't think I need anything fancy beyond a light that will grow plants, I can schedule, and I like the idea of being able to adjust intensity and do a sunrise/sunset option.

I'm thinking of planting some medium and low light plants like Pogostemon, Vallisneria, Ludwigia, Cryptocoryne, Java Ferns and Anubias?

This is the light I'm looking at getting:


Substrate will be a mix of rough gravel (already in the tank) and topped with a smaller, smoother river gravel. I'll be using root tabs and Easy Green for fertilizer to start out. I also have an UG filter I'll be removing the powerheads and tubes, but leaving the grate to collect mulm and I don't want to upend the entire tank and its current inhabitants.


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