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Hi I have been working on my YouTube channel for the last 6 months or so. I have grown to around 4K subs and so I am starting to get more serious about the quality and production effort. I am looking for a decent, entry level camera option, under $1000 preferably. I have been using my iPhone 11 and Go Pro Hero 9. 

I want 4K video, and the ability to zoom in with great clarity. I know nothing about cameras, fyi. I would really appreciate your recommendations. Thanks! 

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If there is a camera store near you, my suggestion would be to try a few of their cameras and lenses, and see which one does what you want, and how it feels in your hand. The most expensive part is going to be the lenses, and just a lens can put you in the $1K range, not including the body. Hopefully someone can chime in with specific models.

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