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Planting African Cichlid tanks

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I was really excited to get some of the easy planters and keep working on converting a few of my African cichlid tanks to planted tanks. Top tank is Pseudotropheus Malawis and the bottom is Neolamprologus Tanganykians.


Added some easy planters and Valisineria for the mbuna. So far, Anubias, Hornwort, Java Fern and the Val do well in the hard water.


The easy planters blend in well with my rockwork, and are very natural looking. My wife likes the middle one the most because it looks so real (it is real btw).


Added some more Anubias for Brichardi. Have Pogo Octopus, Anubias, Amazon Swords and Crypts doing well. The Dwarf Hairgrass is not doing well and is my 3rd attempt, so I don't think it likes my water. 


I am enjoying adding in more plants and natural elements to the tanks, but I will still keep some with easy/artificial scapes like this one, as some cichlids redecorate the tanks so much it kills the plants.


And I kinda like trying to do a few theme tanks. ^Pirate's Cove^

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