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Also anubias Nana petite

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I haven't fully decided where I'm placing this as I got busy and started not feeling well so I just threw it in the tank. Reading another question I realized it is a ryzome plant. So I probably should have taken it out of the stuff covering it and glued it to something correct?  I left it as is and threw it in the planter stone thingy. 


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On 3/7/2022 at 11:27 PM, AndreaW said:

I'm trying to remember for sure, but I think the rhizome of mine was in the rock wool so I would check for that.

So I opened my tiger lotus bulb first. I was unsure of what to take apart but I quickly realized what I was looking at initially was not a bulb. I took the wrapping off exposing the bulb. The anubias for some reason puzzled me more tho and the person with me convinced me I shouldn't do the same with it. I'm thinking now that was wrong. I'm thinking I need to take that wool off?

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