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Should I be worried?

Sweet T

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So I noticed some swelling, and pushed up scales by the mouth of my girl Minerva. It's on her right side jus below her mouth.(bottom picture) Her left side is fine (top picture) spots are dark, and is very active still so acting normal. I've never noticed it before and I sit and watch this tank for atleast an hour a day through out. 

Let me know your opinion please, and thank you!

Ph: 7.8

Gh: 300+ ppm

Kh: 40 ppm (is a little lower than normal (80-120)

Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 25-50 ppm



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It's difficult see what's going on  if it's happen before and gone away it could be a water quality issue high levels of nitrates can effective fish immune system is it possible it was higher than 50ppm are these water parameters before or after a water change

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Nothing to worry about, very astute observation though. Someone may correct me but I see nothing pathologic. I would say conscious neglect would be my recommended treatment. That is, continue to enjoy watching your fish but only get concerned if the area worsens or behavior changes. 

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@Colu thank you once again! 

The pictures are right after a water change. The Nitrates have never exceeded 50 ppm to my knowledge, -I test every Wednesday/Sunday- thanks to all the plants. 

@ScottieB Thank you for your input! That's the course of action I went with myself. It's all healed up and she never winced at it. I assume it's from her trying way to hard to get every single brine shrimp lol she leaves no nook or cranny left un searched. Prolly jus got a boo boo

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