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Khole new fish

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I use it all the time and 8DF58DC9-961B-44C5-92B6-83EBF9AD32CE.jpeg.1c57e591f1035e4632eedd5a961d3d71.jpeg22F9C550-2607-45EC-A66A-B50396A9004B.jpeg.0dbbad9fa7e207ed21b8c85ff24b6da8.jpeg6038E099-2AA7-4451-A0CA-6DF4C3B4E7C1.jpeg.b3cb9122a17cc303a6cbd606c3954593.jpegE7133405-7693-4038-BADF-CABEA7FBB695.jpeg.e3d28d78f3004794d78106bd4d7fa686.jpegnever used anything but I posed a similar question. I doing get good moss here in south Florida and what is here seems to grow great in the aquarium. I had one with complete 1/4 of the tank covered a kept short like the first pic. The rest are from my 75 gal were I let do it’s own thing. The clown loaches really like it because snail hide in it. The corys are in out of it, the angels will pick all day as do the discus. It stay put ok long but went trimming short it stays in place well but I do have some black loaches that will hide under it. 


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