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Guppy Breeding


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I read once that if a female guppy accepts a male or multiple males more than once in a breeding cycle she will produce more fry in that drop.  Previously I had put one male up with 2 females and was getting maybe 20 - 30 fry in that drop.  Last year I put 3 females up with two males and the results were much different.  One female produced 40 fry, the second female 60 fry, and the third female  - over 100 fry.  Well that totally put me way over my  capacity in raising guppies.  This year I think I will return to the single male with 2 females, but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this same increase in the number of fry produced. 

Unfortunately I did a poor job of raising this many fry with the capacity I had.  Many of the fry were stunted because there were too many fry per gallon.  Fortunately many were not and I now have the problem of getting rid of the abundant crop. Am anxious to hear if anyone else has had this experience. 

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