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Need help diagnosing disease and advice for treatment of guppies


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Alright so, I just got 3 guppies on saturday, they were from petsmart so diseases are to be expected and I'm pretty sure it's just something they brought home with them and not caused by the tank I have set up for them. The first one to get something was a female that had babies on sunday. So I was thinking maybe the stress of the birth or something but now its spreading, altho the other female is also pregnant and was having contractions. Now the female that's currently pregnant has a white growth near the end of her tail, and she also has an orangeish ball coming out of her butt which I'm worried may be a still born or something? Idk need diagnosis on that too, and then the female that already gave birth has a white spot under her dorsal fin, altho the picture is really blurry, and the male has a ring on his tail but couldnt get a picture of that. The babies seem to be doing just fine, and I dosed the med trio on saturday, sunday all seemed to be fine so I didnt do anything, then yesterday I noticed the white spot, that wasnt ich, on the first female guppy and I decided to dose another packet of maracyn, then when i came home today and saw it had spread to the other female amd possibly starting on the male i decided to test water and when that showed nothing to come here. Also my params are

Ph: 7.4? (Hard to read test kit lol)

Ammonia: 0



Temp: 77°F






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13 minutes ago, Cory said:

Fungal and bacterial infections are running rampant it looks like. I would pull the plants and do 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon. Or dose ich x/maracyn to stop the damage.

Alright thx for responding, I've been dosing maracyn for the past 2 days but I'll start dosing ich x too if you think thatll help

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