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Orandas + Congo Tetras...? Bad idea? okay idea?


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Hi all

I have 6 tanks of varying sizes.  In my 29g, I have 6 pristella tetras and 2 very sad congo tetras.  Why only 2 congos? My LFS only had 2.  I've been waiting for them to get more so I can get 4 more to keep the original two happy.  Anyway, the pristellas are lovely and active but I think their busyness is scaring my congos.  The congos spend most of the time hiding at the back of the tank or behind the plants/decor.

I also have a 75g with 4 oranda goldfish, 1 SAE, and 3 mystery snails.  The tank is running an FX4 and a SunSun 704b so gets about 1200gph turnover.  The GF are about 5-6 inches (including tails). The tank has javas, anubias, swords and a good sized water lily, rocks, driftwood, a big piece of mopani wood and a large decoration. So, some hiding places. .

So my questions:

  • Can I shift the congos to the 75g, and add 4 more once my LFS gets them in?  The congos are about 2.5 - 3 inches. 
  • Will the derpy GF try to eat the congos?  I'm assuming the congos are fast enough to ourrun the GF but 'a know.  The congos seem to be very peaceful so I'm not expecting them to terrorize the resident derps.
  • Do I wait  to move the congos until I can have a group of 6?

Both the 29 and the 75 run at about 75F, with an 8.2ish pH and high (8-10) GH, so parms are similar and within range for the fish.  Thoughts on this combo? Crazy? Worth a try?



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On 3/6/2022 at 5:15 PM, Colu said:

Personally I wouldn't have goldfish and congo tetras together they have Different temperature requirements I think the Congo tetra would out compete the orandas when it came to feeding

Thanks Colu for the input.  I got interested in the congos after watching one of Corey's videos on fish for hard water (mine is insanely hard).  Most of the follow up info I've read on Congos suggests that they do okay in a tank at 75-76 degrees, so was really hoping this might be an okay match.  I was just worried about the derpy orandas looking at the congos as lunch.  I'll keep researching and thinking before I make a move.  Oh - and I feed my orandas by hand with gel food 🙂 

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