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Dwarf Panda Guppy Ulcer ID?

modified lung

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Anyone seen something like this on a guppy before? I got a group of these dwarf panda guppies in a trade with a local kid.

I think they were fed cheap food because one of the males came bloated and has a hard time swimming but otherwise looks healthy and responsive. I've been feeding mostly daphnia, blanched peas, and a few algae wafers.

Yesterday I came home to find this young female laying diagonal on the tank bottom with a couple ulcers and some fin rot on her tail. She died a couple hours later.

No other fish have any symptoms so far. When it comes to fish disease, unless it's related to water quality, I have no idea. Columnaris maybe? But would Columnaris cause an ulcer like this?


Also, if anyone knows any legit guppy care resources let me know.


Temp: mid-low 70s

pH 7.5

KH 4-5, GH 9

Nitrogen: 0 or near

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Sorry for your fish loss. Always a bummer.

I’ve seen growths s bit like that before on other fish, but not guppies.

Sounds like you’re taking excellent care. Best success for me is typically with the generations of fish born _in my water_.

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