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Any good submersible/waterproof under-hood lights for plants?

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So, I did that rookie mistake a couple years ago when I was starting out, bought some discontinued 36 gallon bowfronts from PetSmart for a song, and have installed tons of plants and livebearers. I didn't even mind the junky cover with built-in meh lighting it came with, especially since the only remotely close-to-fitting glass cover is super expensive and doesn't really fit. The junky stock cover kind of squares off the shape and my cat sure loves sitting on it. This is the one that still works:


Unfortunately, the lights have burned out in one of them. So I got out the Finnex Stingray 30" and the glass top I had originally planned to use with it out again, and while I don't love the look of it (and my cat's too scared to get on it), the plants are LOVING it. It's so much brighter and better.


So now I'm wondering if there's any light I could attach to the old hood (or even the hood of the one that's still working) that could give me similar brightness and plant-friendliness.

The Finnex really shouldn't get wet. So I was looking at submersible lights that I could "suction cup" (I know better—I'll either be screwing it or super gluing it on) to the underside of the lid, but they all look different degrees of junky and/or generic.

Anyone have any tips?

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got my brands mixed up!
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