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What to do with extra pest snails?


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I breed mystery, rabbit, Colombian ramshorn and other snails. I inevitably have a surplus of bladder and ramshorn snails that I remove in the regular.

I give them away to people with critters that will eat them but I still have a bunch more. 
It feels like a waste to just to freeze and dispose. Has anyone done frozen snail cubes, grind them or something of the like?

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I haven't done snail cubes but I also have quite a few pest snail eaters. If I were to try the snail paste in a grinder bought just for the intention of making fish food I would add maybe a little vitachem etc just to increase the nutrition a bit. and freeze the paste in a ziplock to break off as needed or a cube to drop in. And probably permanent marker that deal so my wife didn't use the snail grinder accidentally on coffee or something. 

Depending on the size of the fish involved in feeding the snails, I would consider just doing frozen whole or crushed frozen snails added into a repashy mix etc. then freezing that so that they could uncover and eat them as they went. 


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