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Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. 

I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. 

I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest. 



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Perfect! Thanks for tip. I just ordered some!

And I second the "no rinse". I remember a live stream that Cory mentioned he just dumps in the brine as well, he actually finds a potential benefit to the minerals (I'm paraphrasing but that was his anecdote).

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On 3/3/2022 at 12:16 PM, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

Love to see that working well thanks for sharing. What system or maintence schedule do you have going to offset salt buildup in your tanks?

Ehh just water changes every week or so. I'd only be worried about the salt if it started killing any plants. I can't believe it's that much to have any impact unless it builds up for months. I usually have to top off the squeeze bottle with tap water so I suppose that further dilutes it. 

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