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Furcatas fry in my dorm room


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Two days before the end of winter break, I noticed my furcatas started laying eggs in my 29 gallon. I collected as many as I could and brought them to college with me in a Ziploc bag. Fast forward 4-5 weeks and the biggest ones are about 1 cm long. I have about 20 fry total. I've been feeding them Hikari First Bites about 4 times a day.
They live in a breeder basket for now which is fine but the largest fry have started to pick on the smaller ones. I found one dead today. Looks like it was harassed to death. I took the two largest fry and put them in a clear plastic cup with pin holes poked in the side to provide a bit of flow. I just wish I had more space in my dorm for bigger tanks.  PXL_20220302_223550833_2.jpg.ae707964d43e49bdd411a1b2ef188ca0.jpgPXL_20220303_020616901.jpg.b49a39466c0780ef7f28deb055af7e38.jpg

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