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I'm out of ideas


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Most likely I'm over thinking things again but here it is...

Early Monday morning, roughly 6am, I discovered one or both of my females guppies had given birth. I left them in for about 10 hours so I'm sure some got eaten, but I later collected 10 fry and put them in another tank. One female did look smaller but still large with a gravid spot and was still doing behaviors indicating wanting to give birth. The other was still quite large and also displayed these behaviors.  I saw no fry for the rest of the day so I figured they were taking a break and would get back at it later. 

The next day, upon closer inspection, both female's gravid spots have small black dots in it which I assume is the fry's eyes. This made me more confident they may release more. I noticed the females would to to the top of the tank to do their thing and the male would start to bug them which would make them run away. I moved the male to another tank. He is there still now. I'm not sure if that was the right move or not as I have still yet to see more fry. 

Taking my own advice I have repeatedly checked parameters, which are great, turned the lights down more often, even added more floating plants than were there before. Still acting like they are going to give birth yet no additional fry. Yesterday, I did add 8 new Japanese trapdoor snails to the tank. It could be a factor?  I think it's possible yet they were doing this before that addition. 

My main concern is for the health of the females. I know they aren't in the danger zone yet but I do know females can pass from holding in fry. Any ideas?  Any tips?  Feel free to tell me "stop worrying and leave them be" as I have a feeling that's a legit answer lol. 

Ty for your time. 

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