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Building a 90 gallon tank setup


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Hey Nerms,

Scored (2) 90 gallon brand new tanks off Facebook marketplace...  Need to build them now but starting with one

Look for the best shopping list through Aquarium Co-Op... Here is what i got so far for the first tank

2x usb air pumps

2x large sponge filters

2x no clog air stones

25ft tubing

Filter Media

Pre-filter sponges

3x plant holders

2x amazon sward

1x scarlet temple

1x easy root tabs

Question, would yall change anything above? am I missing anything?

I am going to need other items I cant get from the Co-Op like substrate (Black gravel), going with two HOB filters that honestly I will probably hot rod( I don't want a canister filter), and I have lights already.  Have chemicals but thinking I might order the fritz products to help start...thoughts?






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