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Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily

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@Kurt Brutting I find it takes a little while before you see growth. Make sure the bulb isn't squishy however. 

Once you see growth, it never stops. It just takes a bit for that initial step.

You can also start looking for roots, once you see the roots put the roots in the substrate leaving the bulb exposed above the substrate.

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On 3/2/2022 at 11:42 AM, Kurt Brutting said:

I purchased a Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily from The Coop and placed it on the substrate in my 40 breeder 9 days ago and nothing has happened yet. Should I flip it over or wait? 
Any insight on this plant is appreciated? 

I would pick it up and check it weekly for any signs of sprouting and give it a gentle squeeze at the same time.  It should remain firm, not get soft.  If you see signs of sprouting, set it down with the sprouts at least somewhat to the side if it will sit that way.  If it won’t sit sideways, then sprouts to the top.  That location will sprout both roots and leaves.  The bulb tends to be off to the side of the plant stem.  Don’t give up unless it gets squishy or starts floating.  They almost always get squishy after they start floating.

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