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Some of you know I’m cycling/seasoning my 40g with snails and plants.

We have Ramshorn, Mystery and Trapdoor snails. My wife instantly fell in love with this one Mystery snail.

‘This morning she runs up to show me a picture of her favorite snail, and says she no longer likes it because he’s being nasty!🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

I looked at picture and started laughing 😂 I said it’s fine you can still love it, it’s just a breathing tube 🤦🏼‍♂️😅🤪😂😂



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Haha. I got my first mystery snails a few weeks ago and fell into this same trap. I was like "omg I lucked out and they are both boys!" After I realized my error I checked them the real way and behold, they still were both boys! No clutches ftw

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Thanks for this thread  and a laugh ,,😂  My mystery snails are new and i am really enjoying taking care them ,, but i might have to separate them to give the females a small rest ,, I have 2 females and one  male and they stay busy  have found 3 egg sacs already 

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