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Sharing some “Lowlights” - Dissappointments

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Since most of what I share on the forum has to do with highlights and celebrations from my fishroom, I thought it would be good to share some “lowlights” and disappointments today.

(1) I’ve been waiting for my Xenotoca Doadrioi to drop new fry. Today, I found a bunch, but they were very sickly. Perhaps the water is too cold. Or perhaps they’re getting too inbred. I’m not sure.



Normally Goodeid fry stay up top, close  to the surface. You can see their umbilical-like trophotaenia for a few days. Sad to see a failed drop from these CARES species.

(2) I was able to successfully raise up a batch of German Blue Rams to maturity last year. But on a few of them, there is a gill condition that means I’ll not be selling them or moving them from my fishroom.

This male has a bad left gill.


This female has a nice left side…


But a bad right gill…


I saw these issues before they began coloring up, but have left them grow to observe. If I get a pair to breed, I may check to see if it is congenital or developmental.

(3) I almost sold this female F. Scheeli killifish a week ago, but thankfully noticed a strange dark side to her face / head. I’m assuming this is congenital.

Looked at from her good side, she looks fine…


But here’s her bad side…


From above, it’s very noticeable…


(4) I found a Rainbow Shiner I need to cull. The body is totally bent.


I could share more, but thought these would suffice today to convey the reality that things aren’t always perfect. Life has issues, and we do well to face them honestly. 

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I had giant danios breed.  One of the fry took forever to really start growing (half the size of the next smallest.  He had a slightly bent spine and a bad operculum.  He stayed with me but never got very big and died young at only a few months old.

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