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Aquatic plant nursery


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This post is primarily directed at Cory as I can’t seem to find an email for him, but any thoughts or comments are definitely appreciated from anybody.

I have a background in retail greenhouses and plant production as well as several degrees in “aquatic” sciences.  As I am presently retiring a long dormant thought about creating an aquatic plant nursery (primarily wholesale) has resurfaced after being dormant for a few years.  Being mildly “A Retentive” I am putting a business plan together for said adventure.  So I need some info.

What types of aquatic plants would be most economically viable to grow in our current Covid devastated business environment?

What wholesale prices would I be competing against with the aforementioned plants?

Iam guessing that a bunch of your stock at the co op comes or came in from SE Asia so what wholesale price point would I need to match or exceed to lure a business such as yourself into ordering from  Made or Planted in the USA?

This info would be extremely helpful in creating a business plan.  Thank you!




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Retailers don't normally discuss wholesale prices and their personal supply chains in public public forums. I'm not familiar with the backend of the aquatics industry but from my general world experience shopping the competition is usually easy. Get a current plant or pet store wholesalers information and base your numbers on that. An OK rule of thumb I've heard used for retail was you have to sell stuff for 40% more than cost if there isn't much labor involved or 60% more than wholesale cost if it is labor intensive to deliver. There's some wiggle around room with numbers like that but maybe those numbers help you back calculate what what wholesalers might get from current retail prices. If you have experience in retail greenhouses I'd just call one of the vendors that you use to order from or go to their website.

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