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I'm attempting to make the most helpful/commonly asked question videos we have done easy to access. I have located this video playlist towards the bottom of the main forum page. If you find any particularly helpful videos you want to link often, let me know and I'll put it there so that we can a library that's easy to grab from and post in threads to help people. 

We have to start the video, click the title, to open a new page to grab the url to share in a thread unless someone finds an easier/faster way.


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@Cory Thanks for adding these. Very useful. This should be a faster way to share a url for a video. Not sure if this is what you are talking about. If not you can delete my reply.

1. Click the three little dots on the video. Shown in picture  right hand side. 

2. Click Share, then click copy link. 

3. Paste copied link into the link function on the thread. 

Hope this helps...maybe faster. I did this on my phone maybe different on the computer. 





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