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the sun hits my tank for about an hour every morning when the sun rises and it’s my favorite time to watch the fish. they seem to glow in the sunlight. my snakeskin gourami pair was looking extra good this morning snacking on krill flakes.


my goldfish look good too


share your natural sunlit tanks, i think fish look best in sunlight. 

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it’s good for the fish too! i believe that just like other animals fish really need to see some sun, natural sunlight has a lot of benefits that we may not even notice in fish more than just improving their color. it would be cool to see some studies or experiments done on fish kept in sunlight and artificial light and seeing the differences in overall health between the two. 

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Agreed. I have a tank sitting in an east facing window and gets a couple hours of morning light every day. I love waking up in the morning to sit in front of it with my coffee for a bit. It gets some algae here and there, but nothing I'm uncomfortable with. And the vallisneria in the back grows like a weed with that sun every day.

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On 10/14/2020 at 2:47 AM, yannachka said:

they seem to glow in the sunlight.

Oh yes. The prettiest shiniest sunlit fishies. Here are some of mine in the late afternoon, the only time when my tanks get a little bit of sunlight (and a lot of reflections).  





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So pretty!  I plan on putting a spare tank in a window and letting the algae run riot.  Then I'll have spare algae for the cleanup crew, and I think it would make a nice quarantine tank.  I can control the light with blinds, so the animals don't overheat.

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I have many aquariums  in different rooms.In my master bedroom we have a smaller aquarium 75 gallons .one of 2 Noticed on the aquarium near the window but not against it but the fish are definitely more colored even though I feed them the same in the same spawn.Algae can be a problem mid day so I usually close the blind facing the south around 2 o’clock also have plants in that window some really great photographs particularly of the Plaidy I’m assuming

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