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Officially 1 year into the hobby

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Hi everyone! my husband and I got into this hobby a year ago with our first 20gal. we'd both grown up in homes with large aquariums (his fresh, mine salt) and felt it was time to embark on this hobby anew as adults. here's how it's gone so far.

we watched fishtube and combed forums for about 3 months before hitting the dollar-per-gallon sale and set up our first neocaridina tank. we went through the cycling process with trumpet snails and live plants) and added our shrimp in batches. and for about 5 months had a thriving shrimp colony, with filter feeders and amanos for diversity. but then Scud-pocalypse occurred, and unwilling to kill all our shrimp by adding fish, we tried repeatedly to rid the tank of the scuds but eventually they his critical mass and consumed everything.  we broke it down and started cycling again from scratch.

fast forward to today and we are transitioning our betta from our 10gal to our 20gal. the plan is to plant it out and give him some buddies as he has displayed a very peaceful temperament. (betta smaragdina) we are really excited to see life in the 20g again, but since we plan on moving next year we won't be started any shrimp again until after.




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5 hours ago, Ben Ellison said:

I was following along till u mentioned scuds. What is that?

A freshwater Amphipod, usually harmless to fish, but they will eat shrimp (and plants if the population gets too big.) they breed faster than malaysian trumpet snails, and some people use them to feed their fish. But for us it basically turned into the Australian rat-plague, where groups of scuds would swarm healthy adult shrimp and eat them alive. They came in on some moss from my LFS, so we learned to quarantine plants.


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