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Terrestrial plant advice


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So I was a bridesmaid in Friday and I am thinking of getting the couple either a planter or the seeds and blubs to fill their small garden with the wedding flowers for years to come.

Most of them seem to be suited to the notion but thoughts by better gardeners than me would be appreciated.

Also any help identifying everything from the pictures

On my list so far are...

Forget-me-knots (probably go with seeds for them)

Daisy's (seeds again)

Aneome's (bulbs in planter)

Muscari (with the aneome's)

I think there are some Japanese aneome's but could do with some pointers if you can identify anything else.

She hasn't got room for a willow tree so I'll skip those.






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What a lovely idea. I am sure your friend will be touched to recieve such a thoughtful gift, her bouquet is gorgeous.

What you may be calling daisies actually looks more like chamomile to me, not sure if that will make a difference to you, (or maybe that's a UK kind of daisy whereas in the US daisies is more likely to mean shasta daisies that are much larger and grow differently?).

I see a red ranunculus in the third photo down, with the anemones, and I see red tulips.

The green-tipped white flowers in the bottom photo look like astrantia to me.

Of these muscari and tulips are pretty much foolproof. I've not grown the others (except for the pussywillow) so I can't speak to how easy or hard they will be for your friend to grow.

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I would also look at feverfew. Very similar to chamomile but the petals are rounder than chamomile which typically has longer, narrower petals.

I may also see some grape hyacinths. 

Most of these plants will bloom at different times in the garden/planter so if you want to create a themed garden, you could add some other flowers in the same colors to help "fill in" the gaps for continual color through the season.

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Great idea!

If her garden is big enough. I might be inclined to go for some flowers that look very similar but get bigger. I’m thinking Shasta daisy instead of the chamomile and Poppy instead of the Ranunculus. 
Edit: I just noticed that it’s a small garden

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