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Just put the Blue Rams with Zebra Danios = Params mismatch


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yep, I did that. Another rookie mistake! And now the internet is telling me that their water parameters don't match. 

=> 78.8 - 86F: Blue Ram
=> 64.4 - 75.2F: Zebra Danio

source: http://aqadvisor.com/

However, some youtube videos did suggest that Danios will do fine up to 82F. 

My tank's temperature is currently sitting at 79.88F

I only put 2 rams (pair) and 7 danios.

Got 2 amano shrimps at the bottom but they are hiding somewhere, which I believe is normal.

What do you guys suggest I do? They both seems to be doing ok so far. Danios are doing their thing on top of the column and Rams are swimming gently everywhere. They are going into that plants, swimming around the rocks, sometimes they go to mid column, sometimes it looks like they are looking for something in the substrate. So far they are both swimming together for most of the time. I am not 100% sure that it's infact a pair. Will look into that tomorrow. 


What do you guys suggest I do?

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In the long run, you might have issues. I have a tank right now where one species of tetra seems to be struggling with high temperatures that I'm keeping the tank at for Discus.

Rams do well above 80-F.

But you might have found a compromise temperature. If you have enough air in the water to help the Danios out (higher temperature means less dissolved oxygen) you might not have any issues after all. 

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