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Dwarf Crayfish

R Budds

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I picked up 4 Mexican Dwarf Crayfish at the LFS 7 days ago and so far they are doing very well.


Here they all are, the one coming out from the slate just molted. So far they've been peaceful with just a little sparring. 


They have plenty of places to hide, but they seem to be out most of the time.


This one has a missing claw and 2 damaged legs, but its doing well.


They like to get into the bubbles. Sometimes they jump in and fly up to the surface.


They are in a 10 gallon tank with an under gravel filter, covered with 2 and a half inches of Safe T Sorb, and a slow moving uplift tube that cycles the tank about twice a day. I hope to create anoxic conditions. Its been running for about a month and a half, with other fish and snails, and the nitrate levels have already dropped below my tap water. The duckweed could be helping with that too. I put a cheap 4 gallon in-tank filter in to keep the flow low and more easily get the top fully sealed.

I haven't figured out if I am going to put anything else in with them. I was thinking about trying some guppies or some other live bearers, so they have fresh meat to catch. 

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I love CPOs. I decided to get some because my community tank wouldn't be shrimp friendly, and these guys are small but big enough to not be snacks. They are great. Big personalities in a small pkg with a nice splash of color. I've seen mine breeding but have never seen babies, which may get picked off. I think I have a female holding eggs right now but she is being a bit secretive about it and hiding more than usual. I wasn't planning on breeding them on purpose but a few more would always be welcome. 

They are definitely keepers for me. 

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One month update. So far the crayfish are doing very well.

Here are all 4 of them. From the bottom: Whitey, Little Man, Lefty, and Righty.


Here is the one (Righty) that came with its left claw missing.


This one (Lefty) lost it's right claw somehow, its molted since then.


I think it was this one (Little Man) that did it. It's very aggressive and the smallest.


Or it may have been this one (Whitey). It's aggresive too, but not as antagonistic as Little Man.


The nitrates have dropped to around 20ppm, so the anoxic filtration seems to be working.

Here's the whole tank.


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