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Fish Ideas for Star Wars Tank


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Hi Nerms!

I am working on a new tank (20g L) that is going to try to recreate Dagobah (where Yoda lives and where Luke Skywalker trained). 

I would like to have fish representing the following groups/people…ideas?

- stormtroopers

- rebel alliance

- luke

- yoda

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Stormtroopers = tiger barbs - black and white, very busy, don’t really get anything done, not too bright, seem to have about 5 brain cells between the whole group, always have to be in a big group.

Luke = blue-eyed lemon bristlenose pleco - blue-eyed blond (obviously), pretty, catches your attention even when they’re not doing much, likes to randomly zip around then tears stuff up, tends to be a focus even when there’s lots of other stuff going on around them.

Yoda = pea puffer [not really the best fish for community so don’t actually get one, but wait for it, it’s funny] - small, green, has “wrinkles” (males, anyway), mostly quiet and unobtrusive but then swings into action and tears apart the enemy.  Can move much faster than you expect.

No luck on a rebel alliance idea.  Somebody will chime in for you.

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Then panda cories instead of tiger barbs, for sure. No pea puffers in a small community tank, that’s a recipe for disaster.  Green phantom pleco is definitely too large for a 20.  Maybe a green dragon bristlenose instead?  But you’ll get muddy brown offspring if your blue eyed lemon breeds with your green dragon.  So a ram or Apisto for Luke, maybe a German golden ram?  The ember tetras still work for Alliance - very busy, buzzing around each other a lot if there’s other (especially bigger) fish around, and orange works for the fighter uniform.

Link to a pic of the gold ram below. I’m ORD, but great idea for a tank and multiple great ideas from @Fish Folk.


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