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What is the Best Moss?

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Oh, sooooo many to choose from!  It depends on the look you want, how fast or slow you want it to grow, the form you want it to take, etc.  I happen to be stupidly fond of unusual aquarium mosses.

Fast growing mosses are Java, Christmas, flame, spiky, anchor, peacock, Taiwan, willow, giant willow, sometimes weeping moss, and more.

Slower growing mosses include Camaroon, hookeracea, jade lotus, several Fissidens species (fontanus, nobilis, geppii, thailand among others), Distichophyllum maibarae, mini weeping, Java Springs, and others.

There’s a whopping list of names to search to get you started with a wide variety of appearances.  If you see one that lights you up, them read more about it.  I’ve got, or had, most on these lists, and I’m especially fond of the slower growing mosses because they’re less likely to get out of control.

In general, mosses like very clean, somewhat nutrient poor, cool water with moderate to low light, not too much flow, but enough flow to keep them “clean”.  Most important is consistency in the water parameters.  If you can give them that, they will usually do at least OK and may do extremely well for you.

Oh, and some adhere well to hardscape, some don’t.

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