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Help with Betta

Rachel Gallaugher

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Hello! I am seeking help for what could be going on with my betta fish? I noticed it last night (2/25/2022) when i fed him, he ate a little then he darted around and swam to the bottom. Today (2/26/2022) when checking him he again was at the bottom, i did a water test, everything is normal, the tank temp is normal too. he came up briefly and received a few pellets before darting down to the bottom again. later on he was sitting kind of bent so i nudged him and he swam up to the top then quickly sunk back to the bottom again. last tank cleaning was 2/20/2022 and i planned to clean the tank again tomorrow (2/26/2022). all help welcomed, i am attaching pictures of how he is sitting at the bottom. TIA!!! 


edit to add: nudged him again and he come closer to the front of tank, i noticed this on him (circled in purple) also sorry for photo quality, my camera was struggling to focus. 







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New photo update for help
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