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Help for Baby Betta...again...Is this Cotton Wool Doease under his chin???ools like a fuzzybthing attached to his xhin area


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Looks like a fuzzy thing attached to his chin area. He was fine yesterday....radiky coming to eat, swimming around, and had gotten his color back and was upright from previos post. Please help!



Ammonia =0


Nitrate = 5ppm

Looking closer I'm wondering if he got burnt lying on the heater? He likes to lay onntop of it. It is an encased Cobalt Heater.





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On 2/27/2022 at 5:32 PM, BettaMarine65 said:

Colu, Betta is much better today and readily came out for food. 

Question...Ich-X states, "Do 3 days uninterrupted treatments...treat every 24 hours." Should I do a large water change before each treatment with Ich-X



Yes do a large water before every treatment then redose  with ick x

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