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Spotting Elusive little "Swamp fish" in Office Tank

Fish Folk

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I've been enjoying this tank now for over a year in my office at work. Rainbow Shiners are the main attraction, but I've been enjoying stocking it with Rainbow Darters, and several peaceful small Sunfish (Enneacanthus obesus).

The thing is, Darters are pretty glad to just hide away out of sight if there's motion outside the tank, lights on in my office, etc.

So, to see them, sometimes I do this: record a 20 minute video while I'm away, and then review it afterward. I did that this week. These photos are fuzzy because I've pulled them from this video, but you can see some of the hidden swamp fish...






Here's the 20 minute video, played at 800% (8x) speed - 2.5 minutes.

@xXInkedPhoenixX I used a tripod 😇 )

Just watch along the bottom. Darters do not have a developed swim bladder, so then scoot along the substrate. Sunfish just emerge from the background here and there. Male likes the left side, female likes the right side.


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