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Loach tankmate ideas


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I think I have Angelicus loaches all about 2-3 inches long, and I love them. They're currently residing with 3 flame tetras and a zebra danio who's missing her eye.  They all get along since they're all voracious and enthusiastic feeders. The tetras and the danio are going to be moved to a different tank with the rest of the tetras and the danios.

I was thinking green neon tetras because I love the look of them in a planted tank but are they vigorous enough? I'm mostly concerned about feeding time because the loaches are very quick to grab food and I don't want anything to get outcompeted. Suggestions for other tankmates? I prefer hardy nanofish who thrive in a planted tank. 


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Depending of the size of your tank a nice group of black ruby barbs the males get  beautiful breeding colours  or Dennison barb are a bit larger but stunning  both would do well with angelicus loach



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