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Problems with USB Nano Air Pump

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Has anyone else had issues with the USB nano air pump?

I’ve had it a month now and it’s shut off on me twice. The first time was a while ago, I thought it was because of where I had it plugged in. Today I get home from work and notice my betta’s sponge filter wasn’t running.  I thought maybe this time it was the wall plug that comes with it, but even after plugging it into a different one it didn’t turn on. I ended up having to lightly smack the pump against my hand to get it to work.

I recently got the new aquarium co-op air pump for my 20 gallon tank. My original plan was to stop using the nano one completely and connect both of my sponge filters to the one pump with a T fitting, but it didn’t work. I had most of the air going to the bigger sponge filter and like no air going to my nano sponge filter. 

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A solution to your problem would be to restrict the flow a bit going to the bigger, using one of those small bleed dials, after the "T", on the line going to the big one.  This should even out the air between both filters.

I had the same plan as you, as I just ordered the new AC air pump to run 2 small sponge filters.  To be totally honest, to me, it didn't put out any more air than the green USB nano pump, but was noticeably noisier. So I just went back to the nano to run both filters.

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My Co-Op USB nano air pump turns off sometimes too! If I move it around a little I can get it to turn back on. Sometimes it shuts off on me twice in one day, other times it runs straight for weeks. My brother thinks its something with the wiring. However, I have a second one that is older and it never turns off. So I'm not sure if it has to do with where its plugged in or not. 

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