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Sinking members acct to members buying acct so I can download posters


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On 2/25/2022 at 9:13 AM, zelibeli said:

I don't know about your specific area, but check with your local libraries. I'm at a library and our cost for professional poster printing is less than half the local kinkos/fedex office price. 

Looks like my library only has 8.5x11 printing.  but i just learned its free up to a small allowance per week even for color.  so thats cool.

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Printed 2 posters of 'The Shrimp King' (one from the Co-op site and one from Dennerle) as said in the last Member Live stream.
@Coryasked to show the result on the forum but i think it doesn't show the real result with my bad camera.
The close up shows the quality a bit better i guess. Really sharp.

Can't help you with a (cheap) company because i'm from Europe myself.
Paid about $24 for the 2 posters total at European A1 size. Guess thats called "Double Demy" in the US?

Plan is to put the posters in a frame to go on the wall of the 'Fishroom'.
To bad the fishroom itself is probably another year away because we are still in the middle of renovating our home.




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