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Pregnant platy has white poop


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So all my community fish had white poop so I used prazipro and then I mixed metroplex and focus in there food. Well now there ok but my pregnant platy only has white poop is this normal. Last night I put her in a 5.5 gal cause the male was attacking her. Other than that she’s acting normal 

ph 7.6

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 5-10 ppm 

hardness: I forgot (not anything crazy though)

Should I keep dosing metroplex cause I don’t think prazipro is doing it.

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If they all had white poo and no other symptoms it is most likely due to lack of food during a short period of time. White poo alone is not an indication of parasites. The poo if they have not eaten recently will be the mucus lining shedding as normal but will contain no food to color it. After they eat and food starts to pass along with the mucus lining the poo will return to the color of the food. Unless there are symptoms like wasting skinny hiding etc parasites or sickness is rarely the issue. I hope that helps. 

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